David speaks to CEOs, leadership teams, front-line managers, future leaders, and employees to inspire a clear message – innovate where you are! Gone are the days when innovation initiatives are launched with great fanfare. The initiative, to drive growth through innovation is crucial to achieving sustainable growth and should be a focus every day. David shares how strategic innovation can be ignited and rooted in your organization’s DNA.

As a business leader, it’s imperative to highlight enterprise-wide innovation to fuel growth and achieve sustainability in today’s challenging and competitive markets.

David customizes each keynote to match your audience and can format his presentation for an opening keynote, breakout, or workshop session.

Innovation Driven Growth: Rethinking How Innovation Happens in Your Organization

International speaker, author, entrepreneur and innovative thinker David Peterson has created a new keynote series focused on how organizations can harness enterprise-wide innovation to fuel growth and achieve sustainability even in the most challenging competitive markets. Using Metacognition, this Innovation Driven Growth content will challenge attendees to “think about how they think” to realize that innovation can occur regardless of their organizational role. And all content is delivered in David’s signature high energy, fun and engaging style. 

There are three separate keynotes under the Innovation Driven Growth umbrella. They are: Igniting the Flame of Innovation, Keeping the Wildfire of Innovation Raging, and Keeping the Innovation Fire Burning. Session descriptions are below. You can have any of these as a keynote, perhaps having David deliver them to your attendees over a series of meetings. Or you can have one delivered as a keynote and other as a breakout session. David also creates amazing workshops and can customize the material to fit your meeting format, educational goals or conference / meeting branding. Contact David today to discuss how he will thrill and delight your employees, members or conference attendees.

Innovation Driven Growth: Igniting the Flame of Innovation

Is your organization operating on ‘Auto-Pilot’? In this Innovation Driven Growth keynote, serial entrepreneur and international speaker David Peterson will provide insights into how your organization can meet the challenges of today’s competitive pressures and global competition with Metacognition processes. He will share his Metacognition strategies and tools that drive innovation, help rethink processes and procedures that stifle growth and create an environment that dramatically increase employee engagement. Combat status-quo thinking by fostering an enterprise-wide culture that capitalizes on the opportunity for transformational growth.

Key Learnings:

  • Stages of the Metacognition process.
  • How to make “ThinkTime” reap benefits focused on growth.
  • How to train employees to combat the status-quo.
  • How to instill organization-wide innovation to achieve transformational growth

Innovation Driven Growth: Fanning the Innovation Flame Across the Entire Enterprise

Does your organization have a spirit of innovation but only in certain departments In this Innovation Driven Growth keynote, serial entrepreneur and international speaker David Peterson will provide insights into how your organization can harness Metacognition techniques to get the entire enterprise thinking innovatively. He will share his strategies and tools that will open up innovation to a wider constituency of the organization and explain how to integrate even the most un-innovative of people and departments. Moreover, this session will highlight how expanding innovation across the enterprise will actually enhance the ideas of those that are already innovative. Combat status-quo activity by fostering a cross-functional enterprise-wide culture that capitalizes on the diversity of your amazing workforce. 

Key Learnings: 

  • Expansion of Innovation outside of tech silos
  • How to create and harness cross-functional teams
  • How to train employees to avoid “Seagull Innovation”
  • How to make innovation an ongoing part of the annual review / reward cycle

Innovation Driven Growth: Keeping the Innovation Fire Burning

Many elements can extinguish enterprise-wide innovation. Time robs people of enthusiasm for innovation. Managers forget the value of time invested in creativity. New employees enter the workforces who are not “grounded”. And a catastrophic event could wipe out all the investment in innovation infrastructure. In this Innovation Driven Growth keynote, serial entrepreneur and international speaker David Peterson will provide insights into how your organization can avoid the death spiral of your innovation initiatives. This session focuses on identifying and avoiding the key mistakes companies make that kill innovation. And you’ll learn the keys to effective decision making in a crisis situation.

Key Learnings:

  • Re-energizing an innovation culture
  • Identify the seven signs of deteriorating innovation culture
  • How to inspire cross-generational cooperation (including millennials’) and cross-mentoring
  • How to make effective and strategic decisions in a crisis

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Thrilled and Delighted Clients Include
  • Tennessee Technology University
  • Q2 – Austin TX
  • Wisconsin Bankers – Madison WI
  • Nebraska Bankers – Lincoln NE
  • Association for Financial Technology – Colorado Springs CO
  • Healthcare Corporation of America
  • RKL Consulting – Phoenixville PA
  • Graduate School of Banking – University of Colorado
  • Professional Development Group – Bloomington IN
  • Valdosta State University
  • Michigan Credit Union League – Lansing MI
  • Jaguar Software – Sullivan IL
  • Maine Credit Union League – Rockport ME
  • Southwest Graduate School of Banking – Southern Methodist University
  • Community Bankers of Georgia – Atlanta GA
  • Kansas Bankers – Wichita KS
  • RemoteDepositCapture.com – Orlando FL
  • PaymentsFirst – Atlanta GA
  • Community Credit Union – Rockledge FL
  • North Valdosta Dental – Valdosta GA
  • Springs Valley Bank & Trust – Jasper IN
  • South Dakota Bankers – Sioux Falls SD
  • Tennessee Bankers – Nashville TN
  • Entrepreneur of Valdosta