GROUNDED: Anchor Management for Strategic Leadership and Effective Decision-Making is an encouraging, motivational book that not only highlights management techniques applicable to seasoned executives, but also provides insight and wisdom to young entrepreneurs and all future leaders. Click here for a GROUNDED Book Synopsis.

This is a business book filled with gripping tales from David L. Peterson’s management experience. As you trace David’s experiences, you will not even realize you are learning important business lessons. Grounded! serves to encourage and motivate leaders to take action in order to be more prepared when inevitably mitigating the negative effects of future events, and to be more thoughtful about who they hire and with whom they associate. And, maybe, to become better, more grounded people.

What people are saying about Grounded:

“The fundamentals of successful leadership delivered in a way that anyone can use as their anchor.” — Hank Seale, Chairman, CBG Holdings

“Fascinating expose on the role of leadership in the wreckage of three sailing ships synthesized to life experience on the high seas of 21st century business. A fast read for those who might not typically pick up a business book!” — David Johnson, Cedar Point Capital

“David Peterson has challenged himself in the boardroom and at the helm. He links powerful parallel lessons that engage and inform business leaders with hard earned experiences gained while navigating at sea that allowed him to adjust to the unexpected
business problems. He draws from his personal well of experience to help the reader stop, think, and ask the right questions to succeed. More than a business leader, David is a life coach, and this book may just be a lifesaver.” — James DeBello, CEO of Mitek Systems

“We cannot let ourselves be grounded by the shipwrecks in our lives. Instead, we must be grounded in traits that allow us to forge onward with courage and wisdom. My own journey from accident victim to Paralympic medalist, entrepreneur, proud husband and father, is no exception, and in the pages of Grounded, I found words of encouragement and wisdom suitable for anyone’s journey.” — Bert Burns, Paralympics Medalist, Founder of LASCI (Life After Spinal Cord Injury)

“What do shipwrecks have to do with business? Much more than you might think. In Grounded, by David Peterson, we discover lessons about the ‘anchors’ that can help us successfully navigate the crisis situations that we all inevitably face in business and in life. Engaging and thought provoking, Grounded captures your attention like few business books you’ve read before. You will learn principles of leadership that will help you survive and even thrive through the kinds of crises that befall every business. Grounded is a must-read!” — Joe Calloway, Hall of Fame Speaker and Best-Selling Author

“A wise and important book! As a seasoned explorer and professional executive leadership coach, I appreciate the unique value of the management and strategy insights of Grounded, wrapped in an exciting adventure story!” — Jeff Salz, Author, Speaker and Adventurer

“In Grounded, David Peterson has written a business book that is at once readable, relatable, and relevant. Quality guru W. Edwards Deming once said that experience, without theory, teaches nothing. David has shown that, armed with the ‘grounded in’ principles and with a company strategy that provides a testable hypothesis that frames the learning of a leader, experience can be an invaluable professor. He shares the lessons that he has learned in crisis leadership, both through his own experience and in studying the actions of others, in a way that will have you turning the pages just to see what happens next.” — Dr. Jon Krispin, Professor of Entrepreneurship, Valdosta State University

“The compelling narratives of three historical sailing ventures provide the foundation for life and leadership lessons in this book. Drawing on insights gained from contemplating both the tragic and the heroic aspects of these journeys, Peterson helps the reader discover how to avoid the shipwrecks of life, deal with inevitable crises, and build a character and leadership style that is grounded. As Groucho Marx says, ‘Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.’ Grounded will help you do just that!” — Max Wilkins, President and CEO, The Mission Society

“Grounded offers pragmatic leadership and business lessons shared through multiple lenses – from a young man and his father lost at sea; from a technology CEO dealing with a perplexing issue that could destroy his company; and from two 19th Century simultaneous shipwrecks with dramatically different endings. Peterson guides his readers through the process of how decisions are made, and the consequences of different leadership strategies. Grounded should be a bookshelf staple for every executive.” — Sam Richter Best-Selling Author and Speaker

“Grounded is a book that is relatable in all aspects of life. As a student I found that many of the challenges could be paralleled to those in my life, and this book provides exceptional guidance for such dilemmas.” — Gus Haskell, Finance Student, Dakota Wesleyan University

“Grounded is a must-read for anyone in a leadership position looking to learn, grow and become a better leader. Thought provoking and filled with wonderful insights.” — Harold “Bud” Boughton, IBM Corporation

“The book spoke to me as a manager, but interestingly, I also related to David’s tips and insights as a wife, mother and grandmother. We all want to be grounded and make smart decisions, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. When everything is going great, it’s pretty easy to think clearly and reasonably; but in the midst of a crisis or disaster, clear and reasonable thinking is a challenge for most of us. The concept for the book is brilliant … I recommend it for anyone interested in growing their personal or professional leadership skills.” — Peggy Gachesa CEO, PaymentsFirst

grounded book
Grounded Book (David L. Peterson) "Anchor" Management for Strategic Leadership and Effective Decision-Making
$19.95 (Paperback)

Publisher: Little River Publications
Available in: Hardback (Limited), Paperback, Ebook
ISBN: 978-1944340001
Published: April 28, 2016